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At VCC, we provide ample opportunity for employees to shape their career direction in construction. We have employees who progress rapidly through the company and employees who have only worked at VCC.

Take a look at two of our VCC rock stars.

Aaron Utterback

Assistant Superintendent

"I was hired as a Project Engineer by VCC, and was promoted to an assistant superintendent within 5 months...VCC has a vast amount of experience and helpful staff who allow others and myself to learn and grow in this industry."


Jerry Horani

Chief Technology Officer

"I joined VCC in 2005. Through systematic promotions, support, and continuous education, I followed my career path to IT Manager and, currently, to Chief Technology Officer. I continue to grow by being supported in various ways including trying and learning new technologies. I love the constant challenge to change the status quo at VCC."



    “I was given the opportunity to be mentored directly by Senior Project Managers, Vice Presidents, and Superintendents on major projects to build my portfolio. ”

    -Ragan Giebels, Project Manager