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The Project Manager oversees the construction project from bid to completion, ensuring all contract requirements and paperwork are in order.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Examines estimates of material, equipment, and production costs, performance requirements and delivery schedules to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Prepares bids, process specifications, test and progress reports and other exhibits that may be required
  • Prepares, leads and documents monthly project OAC meetings
  • Reviews bids from other firms for conformity to contract requirements and determines acceptable bids
  • Negotiates contract with bidder
  • Awards and administers contracts
  • Requests or approves amendments to or extensions of contracts
  • Advises scheduling of contractual rights and obligations
  • Compiles data for preparing estimates
  • Reviews all correspondence concerning contractors and responds as necessary
  • Establishes and maintains contact with contractors to ensure the smooth working of the contract awarding process
  • Acts as liaison between company and subcontractors, clients and owners


    “I started out as an intern in 2005 with a background in architecture. After completing an internship I chose to stay with VCC because I believed in the team...I’ve had the opportunity to work in different regions of the country, different sectors of construction, and with different Owners. The challenging parts of this industry always have outcomes that lead to opportunities to give you skills to do better.”

    -Ragan Giebels, Project Manager