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The Superintendent oversees an assigned portion of the construction project from mobilization to completion, by providing the knowledge, skills and experience to run daily operations on the job site.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinates field procedures and works closely with subcontractors to ensure they focus on quality, safety and workmanship that exceeds industry standards
  • Ensures work is performed safely, correctly, within budget and on schedule
  • Studies specifications and all contract documents to plan procedures for construction, ensuring start and finish times, safety, quality and staffing/subcontractor requirements for each phase of construction of job are met
  • Ensures Subcontractors work in proper sequence while making sure the overall completion date is met
  • Directs subcontractors engaged in planning and executing work procedures, interpreting specifications and coordinating various phases of construction to prevent delays after conferring with the General Superintendent and/or Senior Superintendent
  • Obtains and monitors all permits, building certificates and city inspections
  • Confers with General Superintendents and/or Senior Superintendents, supervisory and engineering personnel, inspectors and suppliers of materials to resolve construction problems and improve construction methods
  • Enforces the organizations safety program by establishing a climate that emphasizes safety on the job site
  • Exhibits sound and accurate judgment
  • Inspects work in progress to ensure that workmanship and materials conform to specifications and the adherence to construction schedules
  • Prepares or reviews reports on progress, materials used and costs, punch lists, daily diaries, pictures and adjusts work schedules as indicated by reports
  • Maintains daily paperwork
  • Prepares and documents subcontractor weekly coordinated meetings
  • Follows industry standards and VCC’s Quality Control Program






    “We are the traffic cops. We are in charge of the projects, and it’s up to my position in this company to get all the team pulling the rope the same way, see what everyone is seeing, execute the job in hand, build to the plans and specifications given to us, and have the Owner want VCC to build another project. We do this. We have accomplished our job.”

    -Mike Owens, General Superintendent